Candidates recommended by GitStart for hiring have a whole history of tasks that they performed previously on a given customer's codebase. By the time a customer makes a decision to hire developers on-site, they have already been fully on-boarded onto the codebase. 

This approach effectively saves customers between 1 -3 months of onboarding time.

A placement fee of between 5-8k USD applies for every hire made through the Gitstart platform. The fee only applies if the developer stays with the customer team for 6 months and above. 

Unlike hiring directly or through recruiters, hiring with Gitstart results in savings that are both tangible and intangible. The developers are pre-motivated to keep contributing to the codebase and need little handholding. Initial on-boarding time drastically reduces. 

Our hiring approach has proven to be very cost effective for engineering teams that are moving fast.

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