Developers across the world can now directly apply to work at GitStart or its affiliated companies by filling our application form here.

Once developers apply, they will be matched to the right jobs and opportunity based on their skillsets. After the matching and review process takes place, developers will be a given a series of coding tasks to perform through the platform. 

Doing these coding tasks will progressively improve your rank as a developer and the chances of being hired full time. Positions at GitStart are highly competitive and only a small percentage of developers are able to successfully complete all coding tasks. 

If you perform well, you will also undergo a series of interviews with the team to determine cultural fitment. GitStart looks for diversity, remote working ability and good communication. 

As you update your skillsets (for example, learn TypeScript in addition to JavaScript), you can also update your details on the web app and further open up new opportunities and coding tasks. 

If you are eventually hired, you will be paid better than the market average, in your home country, while having access to a bunch of remote work perks. 

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